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Why You Want to Install a New Slate Room on Your Home

Both older and newer homes in Australia display slate roof tiles. This elegant form of roofing is offered in Welsh, Canadian, and Spanish varieties. You can opt for composite tiles if you wish as well. Slate has always been prized for its longevity and appearance. The tiles upgrade the looks of both residences and commercial buildings.

Therefore, many people choose this form of roofing to enhance a building’s appearance. Made of natural stone, the tiles feature variations in colour and a natural cleft exterior. Most slate roofs outlast the buildings where they are installed and can preserve a building for century or more.

A Safer Place to Live

Australians like slate as they feel safer in their homes when this roofing material is applied. Not only are the tiles environmentally sustainable but they resist fire too. Because they are produced from natural stone, they do not emit VOCs or similar pollutants when they are made. Property owners also find that slate insulates their homes, which lowers their energy usage.

Companies such as NSW Slate Roofing like representing this product as they feel that they are contributing to a better world. The biggest drawback associated with slate is usually the cost. However, you will find that the additional expense will provide you a larger return in terms of savings. Adding a slate roof reduces what you pay in maintenance and energy. It also increases the resale value of your home. By working with a roofer that specialises in slate, you will find that quality overrides cost.

Choose a Specialist in the Field

Slate roof tiles can be heavy. That is why you need to buy your slate roof from a company that specialises in slate roofs and their installation. In some instances, the roof deck may need reinforcement to handle the additional weight. Never choose a roofer that does not have a specialised knowledge of slate.

If you wish to enhance your property’s kerb appeal, you will not be disappointed with a slate roof. You should install a slate roof if you want to strengthen your home’s structure and keep it protected from the elements. As you know, you need this type of support in Australia due to the various weather extremes. That is why Australians prefer slate over many other types of roofs. They never need to worry when it blows or rains.

Weigh the advantages of adding a slate roof with some of the drawbacks. Even if you have to pay more, think about how you are spending the money. You can pay more and receive a roof that is far superior in quality or pay more and realise a deficit. Slate will provide you with the quality that other roofing systems lack. If you want to protect your home and reduce the cost of future repairs, paying more for a slate roof is well worth the investment.

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