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Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Window Cleaning Company

The primary problem in hiring a window cleaning Company or a window cleaner is the abundance of people claiming to be a window cleaner, this is especially true for Toronto. In Toronto, it’s easy to find one or two individuals claiming to be a window cleaner in anybody’s circle of friends and many more if you reach search online.

All this makes choosing and hiring the company or individual best suited for your work difficult and confusing. There are a few things that you can consider, to find out the best window cleaner in Toronto for your Windows.

Credentials and insurance

The first step in checking out a Company is verifying their government issued license. These licenses are renewed annually so check their validity. You should also ask to see their certifications. These should be listed on their website as well. They need to be covered by both liability and workman’s compensation insurance. For your peace of mind and safety, this contingency needs to be covered.


There is no index or benchmark to judge a Company’s expertise in window cleaning except their experience and previous track record. You need to ask for and study their previous work experience. Ask the Company for the list of references or the online platform for the same. Social networking sites are nowadays a good venue to check for any Company’s previous track.

Number of employees and estimates

A good Company sends a representative to your place to see and understand the scope of work and provide you with a free estimate. You should collect a few of these estimates to compare the prices and services offered. You should also verify whether the Company has its own employee to undertake the work or does it outsources the work. This affects the quality of the work a Company does since a Company can manage and control its own employees but when it sublets a work it loses control of the quality.

The equipment’s and safety measures

You should find out about the equipment’s used by them for cleaning. Are these equipment updated, efficient or are they in need of repair and outdated. Also, another aspect is that whether they have safety measures in place for their employees. This concerns you as the work will be undertaken on your property and it’s better to verify this so that the possibility of any mishap is minimized.

If a Company is comfortable with providing the above mentioned information then they are a good candidate for the job. You can compare a few of such Companies, to finalize the Company that is best suited for your requirements.

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