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Six Awesome Ideas to Help you Choose the Right Pool Cleaner for You

If you have a swimming pool in the house you will want to maintain its sparkling blue water. A number of homeowners prefer to hire a company or person to keep their pools clean. But there are a lot of products that you can buy which can help you in cleaning your pool by yourself. There are automatic pool cleaners that you can leave to clean the pool on their own or manual models that you will have to operate. Select a pool cleaner which is affordable and dependable as well as works well for your lifestyle. Follow the steps below when choosing a pool cleaner.

Evaluate Your Pool’s Cleaning Needs

See if your pool collects plenty of debris like leaves and determine the type of dirt that gets on its walls.  This can help you in selecting a cleaner.

Think About a Manual Pool Cleaner

Such kind of pool cleaner looks like a vacuum. The vacuum is run over the pool walls, steps and floor, pulling in debris like leaves and dirt. If you have time to keep your pool clean, consider a manual cleaner. This is the perfect option if you have a smaller in-ground pool or above ground pool.

Swimming pool cleaner

If The Pool Has Fine Dirt Particles, Select a Suction Side Automatic Cleaner

This kind of cleaner connects to the skimmer and makes use of the filter of the pool to move around. This usually costs between $200 and $500

For Big Debris, Consider a Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

This kind of cleaner utilizes the water pressure for rolling over the surface of the pool and sucks dirt into a bag. You may have to pay between $400 and $100 for this kind of cleaner. They tend to be more expensive as they have a dedicated water pressure line and a motor. See your options right here.

If You Want a Cleaner Which Works by Itself, Consider a Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is a self-contained machine that can move around the pool by itself and scrub the walls and floor. The most basic model for a robotic pool cleaner starts at about $600 and with extra features to cost you more than $3,000.


Select a Solar Powered Pool Cleaner For Debris and Leaves on the Water Surface

This type of pool cleaner gets energy from the sun at daytime and run along the pool’s surface to collect debris like leaves. This does not clean the bottom of the pool and can cost you around $500.

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