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Ridding Your Home Of A Flea Infestation

We all love our furry friends, but sometimes they bring a few (or many) unwelcome visitors into the house with them. Fleas are a major problem for many pet owners. Even the smallest cat can start a serious infestation in your home, and once fleas have moved in they can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Don’t panic, though. There are plenty of tried and tested tricks for getting fleas out of your home for good without having to say goodbye to your precious pet. Follow these tips and your house will be flea-free for good.

  1. Call the experts. The fastest and easiest way to deal with fleas is to call in the professionals. Once you’ve treated your pet, you may find that the infestation has spread around the home and become difficult to treat. If you’re waking up itchy every morning, call your local pest control franchise and have them come treat your entire property. This will stop the problem dead in its tracks, while leaving you with plenty of good advice on preventing the fleas from ever getting into your home again.
  2. Use a specialist flea spray. Both your pets and your home will need to be coated with flea spray if you want to kill the critters quickly. There are plenty of different sprays available on the market, some with more natural ingredients than others, but a heavy-duty spray is often the most effective. If you have a baby in the home then you may want to go for the natural option, but otherwise the full-on formulas should do the job well.
  3. Give your pet flea treatments. As well as spraying your pet with  flea spray regularly, you’ll need to head to the vets or your local pet store and get them a flea treatment tablet. Hide it in their food and trick them into eating it if you have to – whatever you need to do to get rid of those fleas. While the spray will kill the existing live fleas on your pet’s fur, the tablets will ensure that any new eggs die off before starting a new infestation cycle.
  4. Hoover frequently. Because flea eggs and live fleas have an irritating habit of settling into the carpets and rugs all around your house, using a vacuum cleaner is the best way to suction them out and clean up your space. Hoover all around your home and use the nozzle suction feature to get into those hard-to-reach spots. Give your pet a quick flea spray before you begin vacuuming so that the fleas won’t be able to jump to their fur for safety.
  5. Use prevention techniques. Once you’ve finally tackled your flea infestation, you need to start using prevention tactics to ensure that they never make their way back into your life. This usually involves giving your pet a regular flea treatment, either through oral medication or a topical treatment on their skin. Make sure you get the right treatment for your specific pet – the dosage can vary depending on the species of animal, and their size and weight. The wrong dosage could do real harm to your pet, so get advice from your vet so that you can safely keep them free from fleas.

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