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Prevent Greasy Substances from Clogging Drains through Drain Repair Services

Fats, oil and grease popularly known as FOG can contribute a lot to the clogging of sewage system. You might think these as liquids that you can pour down your drain, but it is not a smooth transition. It can be an environmental threat.

Educating Yourself about FOG

Knowingly or unknowingly you too might be contributing to the clogging. Have you ever dumped excess oil from your frying pan down the drain? Do you know what happens when food scraps or liquids flow down the drain? When your drain gets clogged, you try using a plunger to remove the residue and see fat and oil droplets on the surface.

When you flush down fats, oil or grease these get stuck onto the drainage pipe and clog them. These will not only clog your home drainage system, but will also accumulate over a period of time and go on and clog the neighbouring areas too. Other consequences that can arise out of these include:

  • Slow drainage of water
  • Rodent and insect infestation
  • Foul odor that can cause bacteria to pile up and spread diseases
  • Water contamination that can deteriorate your health and those of your loved ones

Adding more to your woes, it can also drill a huge hole into your pocket on costly repairs. Not only FOG, other factors to contribute in the clogging of drains. Soapy foam after washing your cars can easily gets seeped into the drain and clogs them.

How you can contribute to Prevent FOG

Now that you know the consequences about FOG, you too in your small way can contribute to controlling it. These include:

  • Go in for recycling. There are many recycling centres that take in residues and recycle them
  • Ensure that you clean greasy pans and utensils with paper towels before washing them
  • Throw food scraps in the waste bin, rather than chugging them down the basin
  • If you own a food chain business, you can install grease interceptors that can help separate FOG

Many a times we even use harmful chemical cleaners to clean the drains. Though this works, the chemicals present in the cleaners can corrode the drainage pipe and damage it. If you live in Toronto, you can take the help of Toronto drain repair services. You might have to research for credible repair services though.


Our environment is very precious to us and we need to conserve it. Avoid dumping stuff down the drain and practise good moral practices.


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