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How you can Install and keep an all natural Stone Floor

As with every rigid tiles a strong sub-floor is required for that lounging of the gemstone floor. A level and level sand and cement screed is the perfect surface, but suspended wooden floors don’t have to be an issue as lengthy because they are strengthened. Normally waterproof plywood screwed lower to existing floorboards at 200mm centres is sufficient, but if uncertain it is advisable to get professional advice. If levels are problem, plywood could be screwed right to joists ( when the joints in bed are based on noggins at 250mm times )


The tiles ought to be laid by having an adhesive. The adhesive bed should average /- 5mm thick, but should not exceed 10mm. When lounging on the suspended wooden floor or using any kind of underfloor heating, an adaptable additive can be used using the adhesive and also the grout.

In most instances the rear of the stone ought to be ‘buttered’ before fixing to supply a key. When the tile is simply too dry it has to first be wet with water to enhance adhesion. When lounging light colored or thin limestone white-colored adhesive or white-colored cement slurry with sand/cement semidry can be used.


Every gemstone is porous and for that reason we always suggest that a sealer can be used.

The quantity of sealer for use depends upon the porosity from the stone. It is usually better to apply three jackets, the very first which should be applied before grouting. After grouting, another after which third coat ought to be applied. There’s a saturation level beyond that the stone won’t take any sealant. Excessive sealing leaves streaks at first glance that is hard to remove. If streaks appear at first glance they must be easily wiped of having a dry cloth.

The sealers always perform best when put on dry stone. You should hold back until the stone is totally dry before beginning to close the ground.


A cement-based grout ought to be used. You should make use of the right hue of grout, usually light beige or light gray is the greatest option. It is recommended that the grout is specified to become as near in colour as you possibly can towards the stone. When the right shade isn’t available out of the box, a more dark colour ought to be combined with white-colored. When grouting limestone you should work very cleanly, staying away from any reside whatsoever drying on the top of stone. This will be significant since the normal method of removing grout is by using an acidity, which may attack the limestone.

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