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Great Landscape Design Rules For the Residential Gardens

In a topic as subjective as landscape design, you may feel that there is no rule to apply; however, the fact is that if you contact any professional landscaper who has several years of experience, he will also admit that there are certain guidelines and rules in landscaping that will be neither fussy nor restricting. Let’s have a look on some of the kick-starter rules of residential landscaping in Denver to create a beautiful residential garden.

#1 Follow the ‘Law’ of Significant Enclosure

Let’s start the discussion with a ‘law’, not just a rule. It signifies the basic meaning of a garden that is specific ‘enclosure’. It is quite significant to produce a sense of refuge and feeling oneness with the embrace of nature. According to the law of significant enclosure, we feel togetherness with the landscape when the vertical edge is minimum one-third of the length of horizontal space where we inhabit.

#2 Track the Regulating Line

Another rule for landscape design in Denver is the concept of ‘regulating line’. Here you need to follow an element of architectural structure (like a building edge, a doorway or a window mullion) or any specific type of landscape feature (like property boundary, existing pool or a distinctive tree) that can create an imaginary line to connect and organize designs. By obeying the rule, you can arrange things orderly and cohesively that assures the quality of rhythm of your work.

#3 Size Matters

One of the most effective rules about scaling and sculpting of space is to go for big. Whenever you are overwhelmed to make a decision between wider or narrower staircase, higher or lower pergola, longer or shorter pool, the right decision is the first option for most of the cases. For example, if you lay out an arbor in the middle of the landscape with its posts more than 10 feet high, you can greatly utilize it with adorned in wisteria and anchored on the ground by clusters of pots.

#4 Arrange the Plants as Big to Small

This rule is effective with the plants more than any other objects in your garden where the capriciousness and indefinite variation of nature is quite evident and that’s why it is probably the trickiest rule to describe. And there are thousands of examples that cite successful planting can give the crowning touch in your garden.

#5 Plant in Masses

In this landscape design rule, there is so much to say about cottage garden where we find an extensive array of planting variation. The sight of seeing a quantity of same kind of plant is really a treat for the eyes. Many times the great landscape designers proved that the repetition of massing one single element in the nature is undoubtedly striking enough and it gives a satisfying visual pleasure to our eyes.

#6 Final Rule

Here comes the final rule that is connected with the inflation. You should always remember that it is always advisable to plant a 50-cent plant within a $5 pot, than a $5 plant within a 50-cent pot. In simple words, the right height, properly amended and sufficiently sized pit is always essential for planting for your garden.

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