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Getting the maximum value from your mattress

A mattress is a very important item of equipment. Every day, usually for about eight hours, you lie down on it and go to sleep. Which realistically means that it is the place where you spend the majority of your life – potentially one third of it. A mattress should last you around ten years, but it could even last longer if looked after properly. But what exactly does that mean and how do you go about doing it? Good questions and probably questions that are not thought about very often – people tend to take their mattresses for granted. But, if looking after your mattress is something that interests you, here are a few tips to help you get some extra years of sleep from it.


Invest is a mattress topper as it is good in so many ways. For a start it protects the mattress from spills and messes that may happen. It can also be removed and washed, or if needs be replaced (at a significantly lower cost than replacing the whole mattress). One of the scariest things about mattresses is that they weigh more at the end of their life than when you buy them. And horrifyingly they can often weigh a lot more. This is because while sleeping we all shed skin. The skin ends up in the mattress where it is eaten by microscopic dust mites who feast on the bits and leave their own excreta behind. Fortunately, it is all microscopic, but over ten years it adds up. Something like a bamboo memory foam mattress topper is the perfect way to mitigate against this situation. Make that investment and sleep more peacefully.

Oh behave

A great mattress is often a place where children like to play wild games. Exercising the springs and bouncing up and down. This is not a good idea. Sure, if you and your lover want to do a bit of testing the springs, that is another matter, but avoid playing wild games with the kids in the bed. It might be fun, but it can rapidly reduce the life of the mattress.


Every so often people end up with a situation where the linen is all in the wash, or something like that, and they end up sleeping on the mattress without a sheet. This is a very bad idea. We have already touched on the issue of dead skin and dust mites, but without a sheet you also stand to leave other body fluids behind as well. It could be anything from drool up at the pillow end to, well, well leave it up to your imagination about the other end. The point is, accidents do happen and when they happen to a mattress, they are quite hard to remedy. It is for this reason as well, that if you don’t have a rubber sheet in place you should not let little children sleep in your bed. One accident can be with you for a long time, and as much as bleach and sunshine are good helpers in cleaning things up, the mattress will never be the same again.

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