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Don’t Miss These Aspects While Looking For Local Movers

Shifting from one home to another can be quite stressful. Apart from packing the fragile and valuable items, you will need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the labeling work. It is a great idea to hire a mover and reduce some of these smaller tasks. Movers and packers can handle all kinds of moving jobs professionally, and their prices are intended to be in budget, so that home owners can afford them. Here are some facts worth knowing!

Start with your requirements

Before you look for Oshawa moving companies, start by making a list of the things that need attention. Some of the furniture and other items can be dismantled before moving, while for appliances and fragile items, you have to pay extra attention to the packing. It is good to divide the valuables into segments, so that the labeling work is easier. Also, some of your belongings can be shifted in your car and luggage, so make sure to keep them aside.

Ask for an estimate

In general, most movers will send their staff to check your furniture, goods and valuables, and based on the transportation requirements, they will send you a quote. The quote usually is inclusive of all the costs, including packing and transportation. However, many scamming services end up adding extra hidden charges later. As such, it is best to ask for a final price, instead of an estimate.

Check the mover’s background

When you evaluate moving companies Oshawa, take your time to check their background. A company should be licensed and insured for operations. Licensing is mandatory under law, while insurance is meant for your own benefit. In case goods are dented or broken during handling and transit, insurance will help you in covering the damages. Keep in mind that not all companies have their own staff. Contractual staffs aren’t professionals, and you should avoid such services at all times.

Be there

Yes, you heard that right! Movers know their job for sure, but as a customer, you need to be around for packing and moving work. Packing of fragile items should be done with care, and the company staff should extra care while moving the boxes and packages from the house to the truck.

Finally, don’t miss on asking for a specific date and time for pickup and delivery. A clear contract can should all the terms and aspects mentioned above.

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