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Do You Need a Strong Support for Your Scaffolding?

If you order scaffolding for your construction project, you want to make sure that your loads are also supported with props that offer robust support. That is why you need to seek assistance from a company that offers all kinds of access aids for height work and load-bearing activities.

One of the supports that is often used are acrow props. These props are defined as telescopic steel tubes that are used as temporary supports. The props are also referred to as across jacks, adjustable props, across props, and shore props. The props can be adjusted for height with the use of a screw thread located on the exterior of the tube. The screw thread enables workers to tighten the props when they are placed, which permits the user to adapt specific loads. The safe working load or SWL that each acrow prop bears depends on its size.

Adding Another Element of Safety

Load-bearing props of this kind usually are featured at construction sites. Because they must be sturdy, they typically are made with stainless steel, thereby making them safe for holding voluminous materials. The steel design also makes the props lightweight. Therefore, they can easily be carried from one area to the next. Because of their weight, they make it easier to finish jobs on time. You can use these props for scaffolding and loading platforms.

If you manage a construction site, you need to learn all about the features of these steel tubes. Technically, these tubes fulfil various purposes. When they are used for trenching, they can be set up horizontally or placed vertically for shoring activities.

How the Prop Is Established

At one time, the props were made of timber. However, time and experience led manufacturers to make the props with steel. The prop works in two main ways. First, a pin is passed through various holes for adjustment. Next, a screw thread is affixed on the prop’s exterior to tighten the prop.

You will see these props often used for scaffolding when highrises are built. Because of their configurations, the props can withstand various weather condition and stand a long time. Because of the prop’s diameter, it supplies extra strength to scaffolding and couplers, which adds to the overall quality.

To add extra safety, you must position each prop vertically if you are using it for a load or scaffolding. Doing so ensures that you have an equalised balance between the acrow prop’s height and the net load. When placing the props, you should not only ask questions of the supplier but you also need input from an engineer. That way, you can safely establish scaffolding or another structure that is supported by the props.

Review the Dimensions

Take a look at each prop that is featured on a scaffolding website. Review the dimensions and learn more about the materials that make up the tube. By taking this approach, you can become familiarised with the various uses of the props for construction purposes. Never assume, especially when you are securing this type of support. Otherwise, you will defeat the whole purpose of placing the tubes in the first place.

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