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6 Crucial Safety Tips For Roadside Construction

  A roadside construction site can be an extremely dangerous place; both for the construction workers doing their job and the drivers passing by. If you’re managing a site or working in construction and want to make sure you stay as safe as possible throughout your project, there are certain ...

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Think Smart, Cut Costs

Despite the surging cost of living and the inability of so many people to make it to the end of the month with cash left to spend, there is very little thought that goes into ways of cutting costs. Instead people tend to complain about how badly they are paid ...

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The Designated Closet

There is one in nearly every home in America.  It is the one that contains the items nobody wants next to their favorite suits, shoes, dresses or topcoats.  It is the place where you put those items that are work when “roughing it” and when you are out sweating and ...

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How to Pop the Question Properly

So you have been working on building a secret home for your loved one for months now. The idea is perfect and you have crafted the scene lovingly. With a porch swing on the deck and a white picket little fence, you have built the perfect little nest for your ...

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