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Basic home maintenance for weekend DIY

Anyone who has owned a home will know that there is always a plenty of maintenance work that needs to be done to keep it from falling into disrepair or becoming tatty. It is the lament of the homeowner that no matter how hard they seem to work on fixing things up, that there is always something more that needs to be done. This is very true, but in many instances, people wait too long to make the repairs that are needed. It works much better if you are anticipating situations rather than managing them. In other words, don’t wait for it to be broken before you fix it, rather maintain it while it is still working. Here are a few areas to look at and where you can easily stay on top of the maintenance situation.

Aerials and dishes

Sitting on the outside of the house, attached to a chimney or the apex of the roof, your television aerial or satellite dish is exposed to all sorts of hostile weather. They can move in the wind and the brackets that hold them in position might take strain. At least once a year you should climb onto the roof and check that all is okay. Just because your television picture is good, doesn’t mean that the structure isn’t about to come crashing down. If you don’t like the idea of climbing onto the roof or you lack the equipment, then get a professional in for the check. It will be quick and cheap, and if you don’t know where to find one, an internet search for something like ‘antenna Northern Beaches’ should return the names of enough people equipped to help.

Tree growth

Trees are beautiful with their generous shade and greenery, but they also grow relentlessly and often need to be kept in check. Root growth into the foundations can cause all sorts of problems structurally, while eager branches will need to be cut back if they are touching the roof or gutters as this can also cause problems. An afternoon with a saw and a ladder should quickly sort that out, and the product of your labour can either be used for firewood or turned into mulch for the garden.

Burglar Alarms

Do not wait to be robbed before you realise that your alarm system is not working. This is a critical piece of home improvement equipment, something that you have had installed to protect your life and the lives of the people you care about. Also, obviously to help protect your possessions. It needs to work and there should be no doubt about its ability to do the necessary in the event of an emergency. So, have it checked regularly and make sure that the activation codes and safe-words etc are changed once every once in a while? Get the alarm experts in and test it in conjunction with your armed response company as well. The peace of mind that an alarm gives you should never be compromised.

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