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Accessories You May Want For Your New Hot Tub Or Spa

If you’ve just had your new hot tub delivered you’ll be eager to get going and try it out. Your supplier will have advised on the essential items or extras you may wish to purchase to enhance the experience, but sometimes it’s a good idea to take your time to consider the items that will be most useful to you and your particular circumstances. Whilst not necessarily items which you need straight away, there’s a whole host of hot tub supplies and accessories which can make your time in your tub or spa that much more enjoyable and ensure you stay relaxed at all times. Some are functional whilst others are fun and to take a look at just some of the many hot tub accessories on the market, we’ve teamed up with leading hot tub accessories supplier, Aqua Spa Supplies.

You may have decided that a set of basic hot tub steps is all you need, however there are other, more up-market models you could go for if you wish, all of which will enhance your experience. How about a set of sturdy wooden hot tub steps? With two treads and manufactured from fir, the luxurioys hot tub steps on offer here will blend in well with an outdoors environment. If wood is not to your liking then you could go for a set of smart steps instead. They come in a choice of colours and incorporate a rubber tread which is soft under the feet and non slip. They are suitable for use with both square and round spas thanks to their reversible treads and as an added bonus, smartdrawers can be purchased separately to attach under each tread to store items and accessories such as chemicals, cleaners and other essential items. Whilst at the top end of the price bracket, they’re by far the very best hot tub steps which money can buy and they’re sure to last a lifetime, so long as you’re sure to look after them!

One simple hot tub and spa accessory that sometimes gets forgotten is a towel rail. Of course it isn’t absolutely necessary but it does keep your towel close by and within easy reach when you climb out of your hot tub. Why would you want to have to leave your towel on the floor and have to climb out before you can wrap yourself up? You wouldn’t, however without a towel rail, that’s ultimately what will end up happening!

Naturally you’ll want to make the most of your time in your spa and having a glass of wine may help you do just that. Make sure you don’t use proper glass though to prevent accidents. Far better to use perhaps a set of acrylic wine glasses instead which are available in various bright colours to brighten up the occasion. Just add to your list of accessories bit by bit and you’ll end up with some really useful items.

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