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6 Ways To Make Your Patio More Comfortable

Now that summer is finally on its way, it’s time to head outdoors and start spending more time in the sunshine. If you have a patio in your garden that’s been abandoned all winter long, you may want to consider sprucing it up to get it ready for the warm season. After all, you’re going to be spending plenty of time out there. Use these tips to make sure that your patio is just as comfortable as your living room, so you won’t be tempted to retreat back indoors anytime soon.

  1. Transform your bench into a sofa. Wooden benches can be fairly hard and unforgiving – not ideal for those long afternoons of BBQs and quality family time. If you want to hang out on your patio all summer, you’ll need to make your benches easy to sit on, just like your sofas. Buy a colourful collection of bench cushions to cover the seat to add plenty of personality and much more comfort to your patio benches. You can even design your own cushion patterns to make the décor look completely your own.
  2. Hang a hammock. If you want your patio to be the ultimate relaxation station, you definitely need a hammock. There’s no better way to lay back and read a book on a warm summer’s day. Hang a traditional hammock in your garden or at the side of your patio for a private space of your own to truly unwind.
  3. Install a fire pit. Once the sun goes down, a fire pit can make your patio far more cosy and comfortable for your family and your guests. It gives you a place to gather, keep warm, and toast marshmallows to your heart’s content. A traditional fire pit is great if you have the space, but a smaller horizontal fireplace can work just as well for narrow patio spaces. Organise your seating around the fire pit to create a comfortable, homey feel outdoors.
  4. Boost the lighting. The right lighting can completely transform the atmosphere of your patio and garden. Try hanging fairy lights for a magical, quirky feel in your patio, or use a hanging light if you want something more sophisticated. Play with different types and levels of lighting to find what feels most comfortable to you and your family.
  5. Lounge outdoors. While we can’t condone spending hours laying out in the sun if you want to keep your skin healthy, a few sun loungers on the sunny side of your patio can be ideal for enjoying those warm days. Use cushions and colourful patterns to bring personality to the fabric, and place them in shade when you’re ready to get out of the sun.
  6. Create some shade. Not all of us are lucky to have a true patio extension, but shade is still crucial if you’re going to be spending plenty of time outside this summer. Shade sails are ideal for those of us who want to stay comfortable on our patio without roasting in the sun, and they don’t require a major investment either. Umbrellas also work well in a pinch, but shade sails look best if you want to create a more glamorous comfort for your patio area.

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