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6 Crucial Safety Tips For Roadside Construction


A roadside construction site can be an extremely dangerous place; both for the construction workers doing their job and the drivers passing by. If you’re managing a site or working in construction and want to make sure you stay as safe as possible throughout your project, there are certain safety steps you need to be aware of. Most of these should be drilled into you before projects by health and safety officers, but here’s a refresher to keep you on your toes.

  • Create a clear zone for construction. Having an unclear line between where the construction site ends and the next road lane begins is one of the primary causes of road traffic accidents alongside construction sites. The whole zone needs to be clearly marked and separated so that traffic is controlled effectively and drivers are kept well away from the construction workers. This may mean using fencing hire sydney to create a clear barrier around the site, ensuring that plenty of clear signs are up around the area and proper transition areas are put into place to allow traffic to move past easily without disruption.
  • Use the press wisely. Making an announcement about the upcoming construction project isn’t just a good safety tool; it’s also easy PR for your construction business. Send out a press release to local radio stations to let their audiences know where and when construction will be taking place so that they can drive safely and stay alert when approaching the area.
  • Have distinct working areas. There are usual multiple construction activities going on at any given construction site, including roadside sites. If these workers aren’t given enough space or distinguishing barriers between their own work sites, accidents can easily happen. Use fencing or barriers of some form to separate off different areas to keep everyone safe.
  • Be conspicuous. Bright jackets or clothing with glow-in-the-dark features are an essential safety must-have on any construction site, but they’re especially crucial when you’re working next to a busy road surrounded by motorists. If the driver can’t see you – you’re in trouble. There should also be a worker whose role is specifically to direct traffic and alert oncoming vehicles to the construction going on – they should be given plenty of conspicuous clothing to ensure that they’re seen by every car, both for their personal safety and to avoid the car missing their warning and veering into the construction area.
  • Be alert at all times. Every construction worker on the site should make a careful effort to be as awake and alert as possible throughout the job. It can be difficult to stay alert when starting very early or working long hours, but losing focus when you’re working alongside cars speeding by can be very dangerous. This also applies to motorists who are driving past roadside construction workers: be alert when merging lanes and make sure you’re following all of the relevant directions and speed changes to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Have a trained safety supervisor present. Every worksite should have a trained person on site who knows their safety regulations inside out. They can then inspect the site, ensure that everyone has the correct protective clothing, and make sure the entire project is good to go from a safety perspective before work commences.

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